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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D

Unlock code partial list
RCT for 3DS partial list of unlock codes. (These are just some I've stumbled upon so far) Name of unlockable followed by four symbols to be entered (from L to R) into the Park Decoder Splotch is the flower splotch symbol, mechanic is the symbol of the person with the hat, ferris wheel the wheel symbol, and coaster is the same as the icon in the game for coasters.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Asteroid Splash --- splotch splotch splotch crown
Atari Dragon --- crown drink crown drink
Atari Ride Theme --- wrench drink wrench drink
Bamboo Fence --- ferris wheel wrench wrench wrench
Black Beard --- coaster coaster splotch splotch
Boneyard --- splotch ferris wheel mechanic mechanic
Cemetary Fence --- crown crown mechanic mechanic
Chute Drop --- wrench mechanic crown crown
Circus Atari --- drink drink wrench wrench
Coaster Grinds --- drink drink coaster drink
Coconut Palm --- splotch splotch tree tree
Coffin Bench --- mechanic splotch wrench wrench
Combat Arena --- splotch tree wrench wrench
Combat Mech --- mechanic mechanic mechanic wrench
Dead Elm --- drink drink coaster drink
Flying Carpet --- wrench splotch tree tree
Fourth Demension --- crown drink ferris wheel ferris wheel
Freefall --- drink drink ferris wheel tree
Ginger Breads --- ferris wheel ferris wheel tree ferris wheel
Griffin Bounce --- crown crown mechanic drink
Hi Tech Sign --- mechanic tree mechanic tree
Liquid Magic --- mechanic mechanic tree mechanic
Mangrove --- splotch tree tree splotch
Meteors --- ferris wheel drink tree tree
Mini Flying --- mechanic mechanic tree splotch
Moai Head --- crown crown mechanic crown
Mummy Shuffle --- crown crown drink tree
Outlaw Cactus --- splotch ferris wheel splotch ferris wheel
Picket Fence --- splotch drink splotch splotch
Pumpkin Slime --- drink splotch drink splotch
Red Baron Refresh --- drink mechanic crown wrench
Reverse --- ferris wheel wrench wrench ferris wheel
Robot Repair --- drink ferris wheel splotch splotch
Robot Revolve --- ferris wheel splotch crown crow
Robot Trash Can --- crown crown splotch splotch
Standup --- ferris wheel ferris wheel tree crown
Standup Twister --- ferris wheel ferris wheel splotch splotch
String Theory --- mechanic mechanic splotch splotch
Sundae Surprise --- drink splotch wrench wrench
Sunflower --- drink splotch crown crown
Suspended Swinging --- ferris wheel ferris wheel ferris wheel tree
Tarantula Treats --- tree tree tree ferris wheel
Tea Cups --- coaster tree coaster tree
Techno Falls --- wrench coaster mechanic splotch
Tropical Blends --- crown ferris wheel crown crown
Twister --- coaster coaster drink ferris wheel
Wing Seater --- splotch wrench crown crown
Zipper --- drink ferris wheel ferris wheel ferris wheel

Unlock code partial list - part 2
Here are a few more unlockable codes I've found for RCT 3DS. Since I've seen other people taking credit for my cheats on other websites I think I'll name the splotch symbol "Wink" and the mechanic "Nudge" in this list as a wink and nudge to all of you who use Chapter Cheats (See my description of the symbols in the partial list I originally posted on chapter cheats). We'll see how many people take this list and if they post it somewhere else and don't edit it people won't have a clue on how to use it.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Chair Swing --- Nudge Crown Crown Wrench
Crazy Clock --- Nudge Crown Tree Wink
Demonic Portal --- Drink Nudge Drink Drink
Fantasy Path --- Wink Tree Nudge Tree
Inverted Shuttle --- Wrench Nudge Tree Nudge
Pegasus Flight --- Nudge Wrench Wink Nudge
Pneumatic --- Wink Tree Tree Nudge
Rockey Bench --- Crown Nudge Drink Crown
Safari --- Drink Crown Wrench Tree
Tottering Tug --- Wink Nudge Tree Nudge

How to get Gems (No Jailbreak)

First go to Game Center and log out. Then go to dragonvale and a button will pop up. Push " cancel". You will have an all new game. Go to treasure and push TRUNK OF GEMS!! Then push cancel. Go back to Game Center and sign in. Another button will pop up. Push "Game Center". Then you are back at your regular park. You will notice that you have 3000 gems! Buy at least 15 "Dragonsai Gifting Trees". Every day each tree will give you TRILLIONS of gems.

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