Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Sakura Samurai: Art Of The Sword

Lord of the Dark Moon(final boss): Evasion
These are the combinations I use to defeat the final boss of Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword. These combinations will be explained using the direction of weapon(s), blur color, and the directions you dodge. For example, the kappa in the begining: Up,red: side; side,red: back. Now for the good stuff.

left blade up, red: side, back
left blade side, red: back, side
left blade up, yellow: side, side
left blade side, yellow: back, back, back
both blades side(air & ground), red: back, back
ground dagger hurl, red: side, side, side (Untill he switches attack)
air dagger hurl, red: undefinate (even though it's tempting, don't stay between daggers)
left blade up dash, red: side, back
left blade side dash, red: back, side
both blades circular motion, flame: back, back, back, back, back
entire body, flame: not an attack, fury mode. His attacks stay the same, yet they are faster, more powerful, and all have a firey blur. In other words: you're dead

note: If he launches a attack I have not explained, just block

Various Gameplay Tips

Use your special move carefully. It's excellent when surrounded as enemies cannot block it. Watch out for yellow weapon trails, it means the incoming attack will have a follow up attack coming next. Be wary of your surroundings when avoiding strikes. Dodging into a wall means you won't avoid an incoming attack.

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