Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nintendo Wii U Cheats - Runbow

Unlockable Costumes and Characters
To unlock the following Costumes and Characters, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Character - A.R.I.D. --- Fall to your death 20 times.
Character - Clone --- Get the Mimicry Power-up 10 times.
Character - Commander Video --- Get 3 Medals in 10 Adventure levels.
Character - Commandgirl Video --- Get 3 Medals in 15 Adventure levels.
Character - Drifter --- Get the Swapper Power-up 10 times.
Character - Gunvolt --- Get killed by a laser.
Character - Juan --- Land one of each attack.
Character - Max --- Set the Fun type to Maximum.
Character - Princess --- Beat 10 Adventure Mode levels with at least 2 players.
Character - Rusty --- Break 30 Breakable blocks.
Character - Satura --- Beat Adventure Mode.
Character - Scram Kitty --- Taunt 20 times.
Character - Shovel Knight --- Butt Pound 10 enemies.
Character - Swift --- Spend more than 3 Minutes in the air.
Character - Teslamancer --- Get the Lighting Power-up 10 times.
Character - Tostada --- Land 5 Super Punches.
Character - Unity-chan --- Set the Fun type to Kawaii.
Character - Xeodrifter --- Play a Level in each Adventure map.
Costume - Bowbarian --- Beat the Bowhemoth.
Costume - Huenicorn --- Beat Bowhemoth in 10 Deaths or 20 Minutes.
Costume - Jungle Explorer --- Play 5 Multiplayer games.
Costume - Lumberjack --- Beat Satura in Forgotten Forest.
Costume - Pirate --- Play 7 Multiplayer games.
Costume - Police Officer --- Play 2 Multiplayer games.
Costume - Prison Uniform --- Beat Satura in Break-Out.
Costume - Skeleton --- Play 10 Multiplayer games.
Costume - Tiki Mask --- Beat Satura in Lost Luau.

Costume - Zombie --- Beat Satura in Monster Manor.

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