Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nintendo Wii U Cheats - New Super Luigi U

Unlock Nabbit in Single Player
To play as character Nabbit on any phase in single player mode, on controller hold down ZL buttons when choosing a phase, and Nabbit will change Luigi for that phase. Luigi will return after you complete the stage, or Nabbit passes away in the phase.

Motion physics
After you have beaten the last boss, red M-block appears to starting of every phase. Striking it makes Luigi's motion physics the like Mario's were in the New Super Mario Bros U. Effect last until you exit the phase. When utilizing the block, no penalies happen.

Play with your Mii character
If you utilize the secret single player Nabbit code on the last "Star Road" level you will play as your Mii character rather of Nabbit.

Play as nabbit on single player mode
When you start a level before selecting it hold down ZL(B on a wii remote)and you get the invisible nabbit!(note:You may get your mii instead doing this in super-star road)

Beat iggy the easy way
Put some blocks down to block the pipes(you will need 2 players at least)while he cant escape you can attack!If he can get to the top make stairs and shoot fire balls or use blocks to block him and use nabbit to easily attack iggy(stand on a extra block and shoot fire using luigi if he's still there)
suggested team(for both ideas):
- Fire luigi
- nabbit

- Block maker/game pad player

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