Monday, March 14, 2016

Nintendo Wii U Cheats - New Super Mario Bros. U

Superstar Road World 9
By collecting all star coins from Worlds 1 - 8 and after you have beat the game you will unlock Superstar Road (World 9)

Save option at Overworld map
For this you have to finish Story mode once. The "Quick Save" option will change to the "Save" option at the Overworld map menu

Items and fireworks at the end of the level
Obtain the flagpole using the last two digits numbers of your time being the same number.. The digit number of fireworks which will appear depend on which number was exactly the same. For instance, "11" can lead to a single firework, while "22" can have two fireworks, etc. Furthermore, certain numbers will even provide you with a bonus item as listed below:
- Super Acorn: 77
- Super Mushroom: 11, 22, or 66
- Fire Flower: 33 or 34
- Ice Flower: 55
- Star: 88 or 99

How to unlock Golden Yoshi
How to unlock Golden yoshi:
- Get 145 star coins
- Complete All levels without a power
- Unlock All worlds and courses
- Ride All yoshis
- complete the game
- Dont loose any lives/collect 99 lives

About Golden yoshi:
He's an unstoppable force of protection and destruction ; has all the yoshis abilities, including a new one, GYoshi.

A Giant version of yoshi,that poops giant gold explosive eggs. It makes mario golden, luigi silver, and the toads Bronze/crystal because of its amazing powers.

Level end fireworks
Get the flagpole with the last 2 digits of your time being the same number. The number of fireworks that will appear depend on which number was the same. For example, "11" will result in a single firework, while "22" will show two fireworks, etc.

Save file stars
There are five save file stars in this game, below details how you can get them:
Star One - Defeat final boss of the main game
Star Two - Find all star coin from worlds 1-8
Star Three - Beat every level and search every exit of worlds 1-8
Star Four - Find all star coin in Superstar Road
Star Five - Catch Nabbit in worlds 1-7 once

Check-out Toad Houses again and again
Unlock all 5-stars on your saved game file. Now you can visit Toad Houses as numerous times as preferred, and formerly inactive Toad Houses could be visited again.

Energy-ups for Propeller hat or Penguin suit
First unlock Superstar Road. Then visit the Toad Houses in order to obtain the Propeller Hat and Penguin Suit power-ups.

Playing as cool characters

If your bored of mario or his 4-player gang, Summon some cool miis into the mario world!by going on the mode where you play as a mii and using a mii from a differnt game you can have lots of fun!! but make them on mii maker 1st!(heres some ideas for miis, Sonic, Link, Zelda and maybe you could ad more characters from other mario games like rosalina and birdo or even be a bowser or bowserjr mii to save peach to kidnapp her or use a peach mii for payback on bowser!the possibility are endless!)

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