Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Bound By Flame

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
...the harder they fall (Bronze Trophy) --- Vanquish Lord Blackfrost
A fulfilled elf (Bronze Trophy) --- Accomplish all of Rhelmar's personal quests
And I don't throw things away (Bronze Trophy) --- Recycle 30 objects
At the lady's service (Bronze Trophy) --- Accomplish all of Edwen's personal quests
Beasted (Bronze Trophy) --- Vanquish a Juggernaut
Blacksmith (Bronze Trophy) --- Make 5 improvements to your weapons and armour
Bloody hell (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 50 enemies with daggers
Buffalo (Silver Trophy) --- Complete Bound by Flame in the difficulty mode
Captain (Gold Trophy) --- Complete Bound by Flame in the difficulty mode
Chivalrandy (Silver Trophy) --- Seduce Randval
Chrysalid (Bronze Trophy) --- Poison your enemies 50 times
Craftsmanship (Bronze Trophy) --- Make 100 objects (potions, booby-traps and munitions)
Erudite love (Silver Trophy) --- Seduce Sybil
Farewell my Concubine (Bronze Trophy) --- Vanquish a Concubine
Firestarter (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock all the Pyromancer specialization skills and their upgrades
First come, first served (Bronze Trophy) --- Loot 20 chests
First steps (Bronze Trophy) --- Upgrade a skill
General demoted (Bronze Trophy) --- Vanquish a Deadwalker General.
Hawk (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete Bound by Flame in the difficulty mode
Humanist (Silver Trophy) --- Preserve your humanity
I'm on fire (Bronze Trophy) --- Set your enemies aflame 50 times
Ice breaker (Silver Trophy) --- Seduce Edwen
It's a trap! (Bronze Trophy) --- Set 20 traps and have them sprung
Just a slaughter (Gold Trophy) --- Vanquish 150 enemies
Just a warm-up (Bronze Trophy) --- Vanquish 25 enemies
Just a warning (Silver Trophy) --- Vanquish 75 enemies
Master at arms (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock all the the Warrior skills and their upgrades
Master Ranger (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock all of the skills of a Ranger and their upgrades
Mercenary (Gold Trophy) --- Accomplish 20 side quests
Patron (Bronze Trophy) --- Accomplish all of Sybil's personal quests
Platinum Trophy (Platinum Trophy) --- Win all of the trophies in Bound by Flame
Psycho killer (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 50 enemies with an axe
Purifying fire (Bronze Trophy) --- Purify Vertiel by bathing it in flame
Quite a hammering (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 50 enemies with a warhammer
Romance with pointy ears (Silver Trophy) --- Seduce Rhelmar
Sacrifice (Silver Trophy) --- Use the energy of the Worldheart to annihilate the Ice lords and save Vertiel
Shot your bolt (Bronze Trophy) --- Fire 50 crossbow bolts
Sword it out (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 50 enemies with a sword
The one and only Lord (Bronze Trophy) --- Become the most powerful being on Vertiel
Unleash the Beast (Silver Trophy) --- Accomplish your transformation by following the demon's way
Vulture (Bronze Trophy) --- Search 50 fallen enemies
Without fear, without reproach (Bronze Trophy) --- Accomplish all of Randval's personal quests

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