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Xbox One Cheats - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

SHiFT codes
Enter one of the following codes under your SHiFT account at Gearbox Software (http://https//shift.gearboxsoftware.com/home) to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: Some codes will expire over time or number of redemptions. The Golden Keys are obtained from the SHiFT Code Kiosk in Concordia. You can then use the Golden Key to open the chest found in the town square near Springs' shop and Moxxi's bar to get up to four level appropriate weapons or shields each time it is opened.
Effect --- PC and Macintosh --- PlayStation3 --- Xbox 360
1 Golden Key --- K5K3T-5THZ9-JT3BT-JBTJ3-36RZB --- K5K3T-5THZ3-JZ3CT-SBWJ3-36RXZ --- K5K3T-5THW6-RW6BX-KFTJ3-36RZR
1 Golden Key --- KW53T-S39HZ-TJTT3-BJ3B3-B69C3 --- KW53T-S39HT-TSTW3-HJ5B3-B6963 --- KW53T-S39CX-XKXT6-CR3B3-B69XT
1 Golden Key --- 55CBJ-FCZHZ-T33T3-JJTJ3-9FF9B --- 55CBJ-FCZHT-T93W3-SJWJ3-9FFTC --- 55CBJ-FCZCX-X56T6-KRTJ3-9FFZ3
1 Golden Key --- 5W53J-H5HH9-T3TT3-T33B3-FBCFR --- 5W53J-H5HH3-T9TW3-Z35B3-FBCB6 --- 5W53J-H5HC6-X5XT6-W63B3-FBCBR
1 Golden Key --- 5WK33-RF99H-BJBJT-3B33T-ZW6WT --- 5WK33-RF99B-BSBKT-9B53T-ZW6WX --- 5WK33-RF95F-FKFJX-5F33T-ZW6W6
1 Golden Key --- 5W5B3-KSZZ9-333B3-BBBBT-BK5W9 --- 5W5B3-KSZZ3-393C3-HBCBT-BK56J --- 5W5B3-KSZW6-656B6-CFBBT-BK55W
1 Golden Key --- 5WWBJ-HHSZ9-JBT33-B3TJJ-ZW65W --- 5WWBJ-HHSZ3-JHT53-H3WJJ-ZW63S --- 5WWBJ-HHSW6-RCX36-C6TJJ-ZW6X9
1 Golden Key --- WW533-S5T3B-53JJB-JTBT3-WZRBH --- WW533-S5T3C-39JKB-STCT3-WZRRS --- WW533-S5T6F-65RJF-KXBT3-WZRW9
1 Golden Key --- 55K3T-WFT3T-WTT33-TBBJB-WJBH6 --- 55K3T-WFT3W-TZT53-ZBCJB-WJBX6 --- 55K3T-WFT6X-XWX36-WFBJB-WJBWC
1 Golden Key --- KWW3B-9R3TT-K3TBJ-BB333-X5XB9 --- KWW3B-9R3TW-J9TCJ-HB533-X5X93 --- KWW3B-9R3XX-R5XBR-CF333-X5XB6
1 Golden Key --- KCKJ3-3HJJB-WJT3B-3BBT3-F9TC9 --- KCKJ3-3HJJC-TST5B-9BCT3-F9TT3 --- KCKJ3-3HJRF-XKX3F-5FBT3-F9TH9
1 Golden Key --- 5KC3J-JT5T3-WB3BJ-33TB3-WSSHC --- 5KC3J-JT5T5-TH3CJ-93WB3-WSSZ3 --- 5KC3J-JT5X6-XC6BR-56TB3-WSSBX
3 Golden Keys --- KW53T-955JJ-3JBJT-3JJTB-BSSBF --- KW53T-955JK-9RBKT-9JKTB-BSSZF --- KW53T-955RR-5KFJX-5RJTB-BSSZX
3 Golden Keys --- 55WT3-ZFKSW-BFK33-T3TJJ-63XB3 --- CWK33-5R6F6-93FWJ-9TC3B-C5SWK --- CWK33-5R6B3-69HTR-5XB3B-C5SHW
3 Golden Keys --- WCCJB-JZKSC-BRC33-JJJ3T-WWSW3 --- KKK3B-X666R-9J653-HBKJ3-SH5JK --- KKK3B-X663J-6S936-CFJJ3-SH5RS
3 Golden Keys --- KKWBB-5SK9W-TRCB3-B3JT3-BWBR9 --- WCCB3-SFXR6-ST6WB-9B5JB-5CFB6 --- WCCB3-SFXJ3-RZ9TF-5F3JB-5CFH6
3 Golden Keys --- 5C5JJ-WJRZ5-T6W33-TJJBT-JRJ9Z --- CWWT3-99F6X-HBXCT-SJC33-56KS3 --- CWWT3-99F3T-FHZBX-KRB33-56KHK
3 Golden Keys --- WWWTB-F36H5-J6KJ3-3BJ3T-WW9RS --- K55J3-JJSFR-9TRC3-ZB5BJ-HHBBK --- K55J3-JJSBJ-6ZSB6-WF3BJ-HHBFZ
5 Golden Keys --- 5K53J-J9FJ3-BT3JB-3BTT3-9JF5J --- 5K53J-J9FJ5-HX3KB-9BWT3-9JFK6 --- 5K53J-J9FR6-CW6JF-5FTT3-9JF3W
5 Golden Keys --- WK533-CZ6JB-T3BB3-3TB33-W9XXR --- WK533-CZ6JC-Z6BC3-9TC33-W9XZF --- WK533-CZ6RF-W5FB6-5XB33-W9XT5
20 Golden Keys --- C55BT-S95HK-HTT3J-B3J3J-5H5CR --- C55BT-S95HR-FZT5J-H3K3J-5H5TW --- C55BT-S95CJ-CXX3R-C6J3J-5H5J3
Jack-o'Cannon --- KW5BB-BZXWB-3TT33-JJT33-C966T --- K553J-WWRC5-9FBKB-9TC3B-RF6HX --- K553J-WWRH6-5CFJF-5XB3B-RF6ZZ

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
360 No Scope (20 GP) --- While airborne, spin 360 degrees then got a kill with a Sniper Rifle without using the scope.
Air Supremacy (25 GP) --- Killed 100 enemies with Wolf.
Beam Me Up (20 GP) --- Discover all names locations aboard the Helios Space Station.
Challenger (20 GP) --- Completed level 1 of all challenges with a single character.
Collateral Damage (20 GP) --- Had a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends.
Cosmic Completionist (30 GP) --- Discovered all named locations.
Eeridian Explorer (20 GP) --- Discovered all named locations in Outlands Canyon, Outlands Spur and Vorago Solitude.
Elementalist (20 GP) --- Had an enemy frozen, corroded, ignited, and electrocuted at the same time.
Executioner (25 GP) --- Killed 10 enemies in a single activation of Showdown.
Expensive Taste (30 GP) --- Used the Grinder to create a Legendary item.
Grind 'n' Bear It (15 GP) --- Use the grinder to create an item.
High Fashion (15 GP) --- Unlocked 10 Customization items.
I Come From The Land Up Over (20 GP) --- Discovered all names locations in Serenity's Waste, Triton Flats and Stanton's Liver.
Ice To Meet You (20 GP) --- Shattered three frozen enemies with a single slam attack.
Lunar Lieutenant (10 GP) --- Reached level 10.
Lunar Looter (20 GP) --- Looted 10 Moonstone Chests.
Moon Master (15 GP) --- Reached level 25.
Moon Mission Meister (25 GP) --- Completed all of the side missions.
Mouth to Mouth (15 GP) --- Revived 10 players with oxygen.
Moxxi's Sampler (10 GP) --- Tried all the Moxxtails in the Up Over bar in Concordia.
No, I'm Athena! (25 GP) --- Killed 100 enemies with Aspis.
Pancake Parlor (20 GP) --- Pancaked an enemy in the Stingray.
Side Quest Student (15 GP) --- Completed 30 side missions.
Space Lord (25 GP) --- Reached level 50.
Space Rookie (5 GP) --- Reached level 5.
That Helped, Right? (25 GP) --- Experienced all Vault Hunter Modes using Vault Hunter.EXE.
That Tasted Purple! (20 GP) --- Had Purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot.
The Bigger They Are (50 GP) --- Defeated the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel.
The Duelist (10 GP) --- Won a duel.
Who Needs Air? (20 GP) --- Suffocated for five continuous minutes without dying.

Secret Achievements
Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A House Divided (25 GP) --- Completed the mission "Eye To Eye".
Brain Drain (20 GP) --- Completed the mission "Science And Violence".
Dejamminated (15 GP) --- Completed the mission "Systems Jammed".
Do Shoot the Messenger (10 GP) --- Delivered Zarpedon's message.
Drakensburg, Schmakensburg (20 GP) --- Completed the mission "Intelligences Of The Artificial Persuasion".
Guardian Guardian (15 GP) --- Saved the Guardians from the Scav Poachers.
Helios Rising (20 GP) --- Completed the mission "Home Sweet Home".
I Shot The Meriff (15 GP) --- Completed the mission "A New Direction".
Invaders Must Die (10 GP) --- Completed the mission "Lost Legion Invasion".
Modern Fart (15 GP) --- Completed the mission "To Arms".
Multi Face-eted (50 GP) --- Defeated the Empyrean Sentinel.
Once More With Feeling (15 GP) --- Completed the mission "Return of Captain Chef".
Rocketeer (20 GP) --- Launched 4 rockets from Elpis.
Super Secret Stash (20 GP) --- Opened Zarpedon's Chest.
The Gun In The Stone (20 GP) --- Removed Excalibastard from the stone.
The Guts Of Helios (25 GP) --- Completed the mission "Watch Your Step".
Vault Hunter Superior (25 GP) --- Defeated the Opha Superior.
Welcome To The Rock (15 GP) --- Completed the mission "Marooned".
Who Constructs The Constructor? (20 GP) --- Completed the mission "Let's Build A Robot Army".
Who You Gonna Call? (15 GP) --- Completed the "Sub-Level 13" missions with 3 other players.

DLC Achievements - Claptastic Voyage
Complete one of the following Claptastic Voyage DLC achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
No Photographs, Please! (30 GP) --- Kill 10 SpyBugs before they take your photo.

Secret DLC Achievements - Claptastic Voyage
Complete one of the following Secret Claptastic Voyage DLC achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Digitize Me! (15 GP) --- Digitize into Claptrap's Brain.
It's Raining Cats and Hotdogs (15 GP) --- Complete a round using the Mutator.
Shadow of Your Former Self (25 GP) --- Defeat 5H4D0W-TP.
Shadow Play (15 GP) --- Give the H-Source to Jack.
Smash and Not Grab (15 GP) --- Destroy the Tassiter Proxy.
Sociopathic Networker (15 GP) --- Talk to all of Claptrap's Holographic Projections.
The Gift that Keeps on Giving (50 GP) --- Experience all 9 Game Modes and all 9 Modifiers of the Mutator.
Totally Recalled (15 GP) --- Successfully recover the Override Key.
Wheely Fast (50 GP) --- Outrun the Wheel in the Temple of Boom.

Weapon attachment abilities
The following abilities can be obtained on weapon attachments.
- Bayonet: Increases melee damage.
- Boominator: Increases grenade damage.
- Fast Learner: Bonus experience from kills.
- Foregrip: Increases stability.
- Harden Up: Improves maximum shields.
- Higher Bullet Speed: Faster bullets to improve long-range performance.
- Higher Damage: Increases base damage of weapon.
- Improved Accuracy: Increases accuracy of weapon.
- Increased Magazine Size: Holds more bullets.
- Oxygenator: Damaging enemies will restore oxygen.
- Piercing Rounds: Chance to penetrate enemy shields.
- Punisher: Increased critical hit damage.
- Reload Speed: Lowers the time required to reload.
- Safeguard: Restores some shield capacity with each kill.
- Serenity: Reduces oxygen consumption rate.
- Wild: Creates a wider spray of bullets.

Shield abilities
The following abilities can be found on shields.
- Absorption: Chance to absorb bullets and add them to your inventory.
- Adaptive: Adapts to damage taken, increasing elemental resistance to that element as well as your maximum health.
- Amplify: When fully charged, it causes your next shot to do increased damage at the expense of some shield capacity.
- Booster: May spawn packs of shield energy when damaged that that can be picked up to restore your capacity.
- Maylay: Improves melee damage after shield capacity is gone.
- Nova: Explodes when your shield capacity is gone, dealing elemental damage to nearby targets.
- Spike: Damages enemies that use melee attacks against you.
- Turtle: Decreases health capacity for higher shield capacity.

Grenade abilities
The following abilities can be found on grenades.
- MIRV: Splits into multiple smaller grenades.
- Springy Sheila: Hops around while firing projectiles.
- Area of Effect: Damages enemies that remain near the explosion over time.
- Singularity: Pulls targets into the detonation point.
- Transfusion: Spawns smaller grenades that seek out enemies to damage and transfers health to your character.

Class mods
Class mod equipment will improve your character as indicated.

- Blademaster: Melee damage and critical damage.
- Bloodthirster: Melee damage and health regeneration.
- Cannoness: Shotgun fire rate and reload.
- Celestial Gladiator: Fire rate, Maximum health, and skill bonuses.
- Defender: Shield capacity.
- Dominater: Fire rate.
- Dragon: Burn damage.
- Eridian Vanquisher: Elemental effect chance, air control, Maximum health, and skill bonuses.
- Femme Fatale: SMG magazine size and damage.
- Gladiatrix: Maximum health and reload speed.
- Protector: Team cooldown rate.
- Storm: Electrocution damage.

- Brotrap: Team health regeneration, Maximum health.
- Celestial Fragtrap: Cooldown rate, critical damage, and skills.
- Eridian Vanquisher: Elemental effect chance, air control, Maximum health, and skill bonuses.
- Factory Second: Reload speed and fire rate.
- Loose Cannon: Pistol fire rate and damage.
- Madtrap: Gun damage and penalty to shield capacity.
- Overclocker: Cooldown rate.
- Pinata: Team ammo regeneration and Maximum health.
- Roboninja: Melee damage and melee resistance.
- Short Circuit: Electrocution chance and electrocution damage.
- Sapper: Explosive damage and explosive resistance.
- Tanktrap: Maximum health and shield recharge delay.

- Bounty Hunter: Shield recharge delay.
- Celestial Lawbringer: Cooldown rate and skills.
- Cowgirl: Pistol magazine size and pistol maximum ammo.
- Crapshooter: Critical damage.
- Desperado: Cooldown rate and pistol damage.
- Eridian Vanquisher: Elemental effect chance, air control, maximum health, and skill bonuses.
- Law Enforcer: Melee damage.
- Rustler: Sniper rifle damage, assault rifle accuracy.
- Sheriff: Maximum health and gun damage.
- Six-Shooter: Jakobs gun damage.
- The Kid: Shotgun damage and fire rate.
- The Lone Star: Melee damage and gun damage.

- Blaster: Laser fire rate and laser accuracy.
- Celestial Enforcer: Shield capacity, gun damage, and skills.
- Equalizer: Fire rate and magazine size.
- Eridian Vanquisher: Elemental effect chance, air control, maximum health, and skill bonuses.
- Fighter: Cooldown rate.
- Golem: Maximum health and regeneration.
- Howitzer: Explosive damage and critical damage.
- Mauler: Shotgun damage and shotgun accuracy.
- Mech: Team shield recharge rate and team shield recharge delay.
- Obliterator: Maximum health and melee damage.
- Scorcher: Incendiary damage.
- Terminater: Shield capacity and magazine size.

Named locations
The following named locations can be found within the indicated area.

Serenity's Waste
Celestial Beltway
Ozless Harbor
Pyroclast Grotto (hidden)

Triton Flats
The Grabba
Vertigo Bridge
The Causeway
Diemen's Crater
So Much Serenity
Guttersnipe's Pass
Chunder's Hole
The Teapot
Flinder's Needle
Frozen Gulch
Banjo Point
The Pale
Split Fire Pass
The Diaphragm
Brandman's Quarry
Lunar Junction

Helios Space Station
Helios Supply Center
Eye of Helios (The Long Way Around)
Moonshot Delivery System

Outlands Canyon
The Re-Remembered Cave
Rabid Adams' Treasure Trove
The Crater of Misplaced Enthusiasm
Research Facility
The Court of Dreams
Bogan's Warren
Fingersmith Halls

Outlands Spur
Processing Plant
Outlands Spur
Pumping Station
Height's Perch Camp
Cave Canem

Vorago Solitude
East Pumping Station
Solitude's Edge
Solitude Junction

Regolith Range
Dead Drop
Deadlift's Bastion of Bounce
Moon Zoomy Run
Dahl Waystation
Kraggon Pass

Black Market
Springs' Emporium O'Stuff
Moxxi's Up Over
Nina's Jab N Go
Entry Control

Crisis Scar
Power Substation
Comms Facility

The Merrif's Office
Sheriff & Mayor Together At Last

Pity's Fall
Engine Room
Briefing Room
Hangar Bay
Crew Quarters
Starboard Ascent
Core Systems
Drakensburg Gangway
Suspension Bridge
Command Center
AI Hub

Titan Industrial Facility
Stingray Factory Main Hall
Titan Industrial Facility Nexus
Staingary Factory Apron
Stingary Factory Atrium

Titan Robot Production Plant
Power Control
Assembly Hanger
Testing Facility
Transit Area
Locomotion Assembly
Unit Embarkation

Hyperion Hub of Heroism
The Road to Research
World of Shopping
Helios Immigration Station
Central Terminal
Hall of Wonders
Helios Access Tunnel #27 B

Jack's Office
Jack's Office
Hyperion Customer Service

Research & Development
Stalker Biome
Robotics Durability and Adaptability
Indigenous Species Research
Advanced Propulsion Weapon Training
Observation Room 11-B
Aquatic Life Stabilization Area
Aquatic Observation Area
De Quidt Synaptic Processing

Veins of Helios
Central Maintenance

Lunar Launching Station
Power Core Alpha
Power Core Beta
Helios Targeting Centrum
Moonshot Supply Depot

Tycho's Ribs
Observation Deck
Compression Chamber
Maintenance Access 42
Treasure Room
Particle Collection Chamber
Very Large Cannon
Exhaust Port

Veins of Helios: Spawn special creatures
Complete the "Don't Get Cocky" mission, then move to the top left corner of the map. Use the jump pads to reach the small ledge that has a turret and electronic systems. Start the mission from the computers, call in a drone, then use the turret to shoot down as many of the Dahl fighters, meteors and debris as possible. Scoring very will will spawn special creatures all over the map.

Research & Development: Benjamin Blue
Enter the research room on the lower left side of Research &Development. Free the creature named Benjamin Blue from its cage to get a reward.

Outlands Spur: Neil Parsec
Return to Triton Falls after the "No Such Things as a Free Lunch" mission. Move towards the Fast Travel point then continue to the Darksiders' tower. Get to the top of the tower, then go to the balcony located on the south side to find Neil Parsec ready to jump.

Hyperion Hub of Heroism: Hyperion business listing
Go to the first main passage. Walk downstairs to the open square then follow the path north from there. While on that path, examine the signs that are placed on the sides. One of them lists all the local businesses in Hyperion.

Concordia: Lockbox
Go to the main elevator in Concordia on the same path used to find The Meriff. Look up just before entering the elevator to find a special lockbox in the elevator's framework.

Concordia: Teddy bear in a spacesuit
Go to Moxxi's Bar in Concordia. Look at the barstools to find a teddy bear in a spacesuit at the end of the bar.

Concordia: Buff cocktails
Go to Moxxi's Bar in Concordia. Go to the counter and notice the drinks that are lined together. Each of them will provide a temporary buff to your character. They cost 10 Moonstones, but may be useful before a Boss battle.

Easy experience
Play the "Let's Build a Robot Army" mission and progress to the point where you have to allow Turrets kill Scavs. Make sure you are carrying a lot of ammunition. Kill steal the Scavs from the Turrets to gain experience points. The Turrets will get an occasional kill, and the mission will end after twelve of them. To prevent this from happening, pause game play when the Turrets get about ten kills. Select the "Save And Quit" option, then resume from the saved game. The Turret kill count will have reset, allowing you to continue kill stealing.

You can repeatedly farm the RedBelly Boss fight for experience. Start the "A New Direction" mission and progress until facing RedBelly. Kite him to the vending machines. He cannot leave this area, allowing you to easily take him out at a distance. This battle has two parts. The second one starts when RedBelly loses his helmet. When this happens, target RedBelly instead of the helmet. After killing him, Jack will ask "Who the hell were those weirdos?". Pause game play when he is done with that sentence, then select "Save And Quit". After returning to the main menu, resume from the saved game. If you saved the game at the correct moment, you can repeatedly farm RedBelly for experience.

Play the "Guardian Hunter" mission bestowed by Sterwin near Vorago Solitude. You are tasked with capturing a living Guardian. Make sure you have a lot of ammunition. The Guardians will keep respawning, allowing you to repeatedly kill them for over 500 experience points per kill.

Experience point requirements
Level --- XP required --- XP to next level
1 --- 0 --- 358
2 --- 358 --- 883
3 --- 1,241 --- 1,609
4 --- 2,850 --- 2,526
5 --- 5,376 --- 3,621
6 --- 8,997 --- 4,889
7 --- 13,886 --- 6,322
8 --- 20,208 --- 7,918
9 --- 28,126 --- 9,672
10 --- 37,798 --- 11,579
11 --- 49,377 --- 13,639
12 --- 63,016 --- 15,845
13 --- 78,861 --- 18,200
14 --- 97,061 --- 20,696
15 --- 117,757 --- 23,335
16 --- 141,092 --- 26,114
17 --- 167,206 --- 29,032
18 --- 196,238 --- 32,084
19 --- 228,322 --- 35,273
20 --- 263,595 --- 38,595
21 --- 302,190 --- 42,048
22 --- 344,238 --- 45,635
23 --- 389,873 --- 49,349
24 --- 439,222 --- 53,192
25 --- 492,414 --- 57,164
26 --- 549,578 --- 61,262
27 --- 610,840 --- 65,485
28 --- 676,325 --- 69,833
29 --- 746,158 --- 74,305
30 --- 820,463 --- 78,900
31 --- 899,363 --- 83,617
32 --- 982,980 --- 88,455
33 --- 1,071,435 --- 93,415
34 --- 1,164,850 --- 98,493
35 --- 1,263,343 --- 103,691
36 --- 1,367,034 --- 109,007
37 --- 1,476,041 --- 114,442
38 --- 1,590,483 --- 119,993
39 --- 1,710,476 --- 125,661
40 --- 1,836,137 --- 131,445
41 --- 1,967,582 --- 137,344
42 --- 2,104,926 --- 143,359
43 --- 2,248,285 --- 149,487
44 --- 2,397,772 --- 155,729
45 --- 2,553,501 --- 162,085
46 --- 2,715,586 --- 168,553
47 --- 2,884,139 --- 175,134
48 --- 3,059,273 --- 181,825
49 --- 3,241,098 --- 188,630
50 --- 3,429,728 --- 195,543

Boss weaknesses
Aim for the indicated critical locations and use effects that they are not immune to.
Boss --- Level --- Critical location --- Immune vs.
Flameknuckle --- 2 --- Fuel Tank and Cockpit --- Cryo and Incendiary
Deadlift --- 4 --- Head and Backpack --- Cryo
Redbelly --- 8 --- Leg and Head --- None
Bosun --- 14 --- Head --- None
Felicity Rampant --- 16 --- Eye --- Cryo
Colonel T. Zarpedon --- 26 --- Headlight and Head --- Incendiary and Cryo
RK5 --- 29 --- Cockpit, Turrets, Missile Pods --- Cryo
Sentinel --- 28 --- Exposed Face --- Cryo
The Empyrean Sentinel --- 28 --- None --- None

Side missions
Complete the indicated pre-requisite missions to unlock the corresponding side mission.
Side mission --- Pre-requisite --- Level
All the Little Creatures --- Systems Jammed --- 9
An Urgent Message --- Home Sweet Home --- 18
Another Pickle --- Treasures of ECHO Madre --- 15
Boarding Party --- Home Sweet Home --- 18
Boomshakalaka --- A New Direction --- 12
Bunch of Ice Holes --- A New Direction --- 11
Cleanliness Uprising --- Science and Violence --- 18
Don't Get Cocky --- Trouble with Space Hurps --- 23
Don't Shoot the Messenger --- Eye to Eye and start The Beginning of the End --- 26
Eradicate! --- Trouble with Space Hurps --- 23
Follow Your Heart --- Land among the Stars --- 3
Fresh Air --- Science and Violence --- 20
Grinders --- A New Direction --- 11
Guardian Hunter --- The Beginning of the End --- 29
Home Delivery --- Treasures of ECHO Madre --- 11
Hot Head --- Home Sweet Home --- 18
In Perfect Hibernation --- Quarantine: Back on Schedule --- 29
Infinite Loop --- Science and Violence --- 20
It Ain't Rocket Surgery --- Science and Violence --- 20
Kill Meg --- Paint Job --- 18
Lab 19 --- Science and Violence --- 20
Land Among the Stars --- Lost Legion Invasion --- 3
Last Requests --- Lost Legion Invasion --- 4
Lock and Load --- To the Moon --- 23
No Such Thing as a Free Launch --- Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion --- 12
Nothing is Never an Option --- Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion --- 15
Nova? No Problem! --- Marooned --- 4
Paint Job --- An Urgent Message --- 18
Picking Up the Pieces --- Eye to Eye --- 20
Pop Racing --- A New Direction --- 11
Quarantine: Back On Schedule --- Watch Your Step --- 23
Quarantine: Infestation --- Quarantine: Back on Schedule --- 23
Recruitment Drive --- All the Little Creatures --- 11
Red, Then Dead --- Watch Your Step --- 23
Rough Love --- Treasures of ECHO Madre --- 11
Space Slam --- Boomshakalaka --- 9
Sterwin Forever --- Guardian Hunter --- 29
Sub-Level 13 Part 1 --- Let's Build a Robot Army --- 18
Sub-Level 13 Part 2 --- Sub-Level 13 Part 1 --- 18
Tales from Elpis --- Lost Legion Invasion --- 3
The Bestest Story Ever Told --- The Beginning of the End --- 28
The Don --- Eye to Eye --- 24
The Empty Billabong --- Systems Jammed --- 7
The Return of Captain Chef --- The Voyage of Captain Chef and start The Beginning of the End --- 27
The Secret Chamber --- Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion --- 12
The Voyage of Captain Chef --- Let's Build a Robot Army --- 19
These are the Bots --- Eye to Eye --- 24
Things That Go Boom --- Watch Your Step --- 23
To Arms! --- A New Direction --- 11
To the Moon --- Science and Violence --- 23
Torgue-o! Torgue-o! --- Marooned --- 4
Treasures of ECHO Madre --- Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion --- 15
Trouble with Space Hurps --- In Perfect Hibernation --- 23
Voice Over --- Home Sweet Home --- 18
Wherefore Art Thou? --- Systems Jammed --- 7
Wiping the Slate --- Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion --- 13
Z8N-TP --- Eye to Eye and start The Beginning of the End --- 26
Zapped 1.0 --- A New Direction --- 11
Zapped 2.0 --- Zapped 1.0 --- 11
Zapped 3.0 --- Zapped 2.0 --- 11

Wheely Fast - Achievement / Trophy Guide
This achievement is obtained during the END OF LINE sequence where you enter Claptrap's 'Subconscious'.

The quest for Temple of Boom is given by Tannis' head. Upon entering the Temple of Boom, defeating the mini-boss, you'll be tasked with retrieving the design code for claptrap. The platform will fall and you'll be placed in a pit. This is the important part.

YOU MUST OUTRUN THE WHEEL. The wheel drops after you pick up the design code. Run all the way to the end of the tunnel, DO NOT STOP AT THE END. There will be a platform that spawns. Jump to that platform to complete the "Outrun Wheel" optional mission as well as unlocking the achievement. Missable.

Ice To Meet You - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Consider using frost damage over time grenades, frost area of effect guns, or the Baroness character. Find enemies that go on melee range, for example, Torks (recommended), Kraggons, and Stalkers. Torks are the best choice, as they are the first enemy that will really group on you, and they appear in very small areas.

Air Supremacy - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Farm kills in the first and second area. Bring them out and damage enemies so that Wolf can kill them quicker. Try to target enemies away from Wolf to prevent accidently getting the kill shot.

Moxxi's Sampler - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Once you have 80 Moonstones, go to Concordia. Save and quit the game. Reload that saved game and go into Moxxi's bar. Purchase all eight drinks, one after the other. You do not have to wait for them to expire. After you have bought all eight drinks and earned "Moxxi's Sampler", exit the game. Reload the saved game and you will be in Concordia with your previous Moonstone amount.

No, I'm Athena! - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Only kills made while holding Aspis will count. Kills done by throwing Aspis will not qualify. Farm kills in Serenity Waste. Kill a few targets, save and quit, then continue. Use a gun to weaken Kraggons to as low of health as possible, then charge the shield and kill them.

Super Secret Stash - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The mission to open the chest is in Pitys Fall and is named "The Secret Chamber". It becomes available after defeating Bosun during the storyline mission "Intelligences Of The Artificial Persuasion" (Chapter 5). You must find three Echos to open the door to Zarpedon's chest.

Collateral Damage - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Go to Tycho's Rib near the end of the game. Cross the "corridor" to enter another room containing enemies. On the right is a small house with three Lost Legion Eternal. Damage them enough to force them to ascend, but do not kill them. Get a Magus Eternal. If one ascends into something else, kill it and try with the next one. If neither turns into a Magus, exit to the main menu try again. A Magus Eternal will toss orbs of light at you, and damage their allies in the process. Try to lower the health of those enemies and remain close to them so the orbs can hit them. The same magus must kill three enemies. Be careful with the nearby explosives barrels and try to keep it alive or the kill count will reset to zero.

Mario series reference
During the final mission, "The Beginning of the End", you will enter an Eridian structure with a large circular chamber with elevators rising up through the force field on the floor. Notice that one of the elevators in this room does not have a force field at the top. Use it to rise up to a new room that has blocks, lava, and pipes that are reminiscent of the Mario series. You can also find a few chests in this room.

Godzilla reference
You can fight a hidden level 30 Kraggon Boss named "Iwajira", that resembles Godzilla, has a similar radioactive beam attack, and is named closely to her original Japanese name, "Gojira". From Janey's Workshop at Serenity's Waste, run forward and use the U-turn to your right. Jump to the rocks on the left of the tall building up the hill. Use them to jump on the edge of the building. Follow the curved ledge to reach a narrow platform above some magma. Jet jump from high ledge across the streaming lava and land on the small platform on the other side. Enter the cave behind the streaming lava and continue deep inside until you find a hole. Drop into the cavern to enter the "Pyroclast Grotto" and encounter Iwajira.

The Fifth Element reference
A legendary weapon named the "ZX-1" is a rare drop from one of the enemies on the moon. Its description reads "Replay!" This is a reference to the "ZF-1" weapon in the film The Fifth Element, which allowed its shooter to designate a target that every shot would follow to hit in the exact same location.

Donkey Kong Country reference
Reach the buildings at the south end of Regolith Range. Use the ledges and pipes to climb on top of them. You can find some treasure and the letters "D" and "K" on top of the buildings.

2001: A Space Odyssey reference
Go to Triton Flats and use the jump pad to travel up to Stanton's Liver. Immediately after entering, move up the rocky bluffs and find the rock platform to the right that has a glowing blue jump pad. Jump over the lava, land, and enter the Ventricles. Drop down into the cave to find train tracks and a level 12 enemy. Defeat it, then continue to the rear of the cave. Jump into the narrow "L"-shaped tunnel that turns to the right. A purple glow object shaped like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey will come into view in Higgin's Gully. Defeat the waves of enemies that appear, then approach the monolith. Step into it to teleport through a psychedelic tunnel before landing on rocky area that has breathable air, similar to the prehistoric area featured at the start of 2001: A Space Odyssey. A second monolith can be found below. Enter it to teleport to a closed white room, as featured at the end of the film. The room also contains a large chest. Leaving will start a video sequence that references another scene from the film. The monolith will no longer teleport you after it is used.

Duplicate items

Play online with a friend. Turn off Badass Rank, then enable it again to force the game to save. Trade the desired item with your friend or drop it on the ground. Leave the game by pressing the button to return to the console menu; do not select the in-game choice that normally saves then quits. Return to the game and load the auto saved game. The item will be in your friends inventory, or on the ground, while the original version will be restored with the saved game.

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