Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Secret Agent Files: Miami

How to make the cuckoo clock bomb
- Place the cuckoo clock on the desk.
- Use screwdriver on all 4 screws to open
- Put C4 bottom right side in the cuckoo clock. Detonater top right. Battery bottom left.
- Put Led and switch on lid.
- Connect all items with red wires.
- Put the tin foil just under the blue cuckoo then add the last red wire.
- Use screwdriver on each screw and drag to each hole in turn to complete the cuckoo bomb

To make the flying camera
- Place the mobile bottom left of screen.
- Break the mobile with gun?
- Take the camera/part from the pieces of mobile
- Put the remote control purple bug on the table.
- Put the gum on its nose
- Put the camera on the gum
- Put red wire on the camera.

The parachute drop

Wait then pull the handle by dragging it while the numbers are green. Do not move arrow keys until you see the H in the circle on a roof top and then move little by little towards it.

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