Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Andretti Racing

Car Selection Passwords:
Start a career and  enter  the  following  passwords  at the  registry screen:
Results: --- Actions:
Indy Car selection cheat --- GO BRUINS!
Stock Car selection cheat --- GO BEARS!

Game Parameters Cheat:
During  gameplay,   press  Pause.   Highlight  Race  Statistics,  then simultaneously press and hold R and C to bring up the Parameters cheat menu.

Other Cheats:
At the registry screen, enter the following passwords:
Results: --- Actions:
Wire frame mode --- WYRED
Phat car mode --- PHATCARS
Press start car --- PRESSSTART


Extra cars:
Start a new race. Choose the "Begin Career" selection. Enter GO_BEARS! (for stock cars) or GO_BRUINS! (for formula one cars) at the "Register" screen. Note: "_" indicates a space.

Wire frame mode:
Enter WYRED at the "Register" screen.

Wide cars:
Enter PHATCARS at the "Register" screen.

Press Start car:
Enter PRESSSTART at the "Register" screen.

In-race car modifications:

Pause the game during a race. Highlight the "Race Statistics" selection and hold R + C. A car editor menu with various options will appear.

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