Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Assault Rigs

During the game press Left, C, Left, C, Left(2), C, Right, C, Right, C(2). The phrase "Invincible! Yes indeedy." will appear to confirm correct code entry.

All weapons and items:
During the game press Left, Right, Left(2), Right, Left, Right(2), Up, Down, Up(2), Down, Up, Down(2). The phrase "Max weapons added... Oh yes." will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Circle a moving attacker:
Press L + D-pad or R + D-pad to circle around an attacking moving target, such as a tank, while firing.

Hint: Dead ends:
Driving into dead ends may expose a way into another area.

Hint: Arrows:
Note the arrows on the walls and floor. At times they may point out a way to a solution.

Hint: Push blocks:
Use "push blocks" as keys to seemingly inaccessible areas.

Hint: Using the map when lost:

Use the "way up" view to get your bearings when lost. 

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