Sunday, May 7, 2017

Playstation 4 Cheats - Teslagrad

New Game+ mode and True Ending
Load a completed saved game after gathering all 36 Scrolls. This will certainly permit you to see the game's real ending. You will certainly start at the beginning of the game with all of your items currently unlocked when you load that Save File once again.

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Captured Grues (Bronze Trophy) --- Captured Grues
Castle of Teslagrad (Bronze Trophy) --- Castle of Teslagrad
City of Teslagrad (Bronze Trophy) --- City of Teslagrad
Conquered Barbarians (Bronze Trophy) --- Conquered Barbarians
Crafting Iron Lice (Bronze Trophy) --- Crafting Iron Lice
Crafting Power Plants (Gold Trophy) --- Crafting Power Plants
Crafting Volt Walkers (Bronze Trophy) --- Crafting Volt Walkers
Failed Ambition (Bronze Trophy) --- Failed Ambition
Foreign nation of Angloria (Bronze Trophy) --- Foreign nation of Angloria
Foreign nation of Mesmer (Bronze Trophy) --- Foreign nation of Mesmer
Foreign nation of Motorland (Silver Trophy) --- Foreign nation of Motorland
Full Completion (Platinum Trophy) --- Find all 36 scrolls in the game
Glorious Alliance (Bronze Trophy) --- Glorious Alliance
Glorious Coronation (Bronze Trophy) --- Glorious Coronation
Glorious Rule (Bronze Trophy) --- Glorious Rule
Grand Ambition (Silver Trophy) --- Grand Ambition
King's Grief (Bronze Trophy) --- King's Grief
King's Grudge (Silver Trophy) --- King's Grudge
King's Vengeance (Silver Trophy) --- King's Vengeance
Lone Ambition (Gold Trophy) --- Lone Ambition
Long for a Family (Bronze Trophy) --- Long for a Family
Long for a Past (Bronze Trophy) --- Long for a Past
Long for a Savior (Bronze Trophy) --- Long for a Savior
Oleg's Adoption (Gold Trophy) --- Oleg's Adoption
Oleg's Duty (Bronze Trophy) --- Oleg's Duty
Oleg's Grief (Silver Trophy) --- Oleg's Grief
Protective Father (Gold Trophy) --- Protective Father
Raiding Barbarians (Silver Trophy) --- Raiding Barbarians
Resourceful Father (Bronze Trophy) --- Resourceful Father
Serving Barbarians (Silver Trophy) --- Serving Barbarians
The Guardian Faradeus (Silver Trophy) --- The Guardian Faradeus
The Guardian Fernus (Bronze Trophy) --- The Guardian Fernus
The Guardian Orb (Bronze Trophy) --- The Guardian Orb
Tower of Teslagrad (Bronze Trophy) --- Tower of Teslagrad
Warbred Grues (Bronze Trophy) --- Warbred Grues
Watchful Father (Bronze Trophy) --- Watchful Father
Wild Grues (Bronze Trophy) --- Wild Grues

Warbred Grues achievement guide

In the demonstration version, reach the last room, "Act 1", which is a theatre. Use the Blink capability to jump to the platform above as you enter the room. Jump to the next platform, then lastly to the platform where scroll # 6 (Warbred Grues) lies. The jumps from platform to platform could need some practice. An intermission series will certainly start and the demonstration will certainly end if you fall in the middle of the stage. You will certainly then need to reload your last saved game to attempt once more.

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