Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Password Mode
On chapter 2 of the story, you can use the following paswords:
Password: --- Result:
Reviver Seed x5 --- 1XR446WJ
TM - Bulldoze --- 2943SK47
Apple x20 --- 5R642H8R
Oran Berry x20 --- 8NSPF1W5
TM - Dragon Claw --- 8WJNT45F
TM - Power-Up Punch --- 95QTTSQT
TM - Swords Dance --- HCJXR8XN
Apple x20 --- JQQPK0R6
Reviver Seed x5 --- JR6TW63Y

TM - Rock Slide --- T1W5R0PH

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