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Xbox One Cheats - Battle Islands

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Architect III (100 GP) --- Upgrade command bunker to rank 8
Aviator II (50 GP) --- Promote the bomber in the command bunker
Bandit II (100 GP) --- Loot 2500000 supplies from the enemy
Cannon Fodder II (50 GP) --- Lose 500 riflemen in battle
Greenhorn III (25 GP) --- Complete the tutorial
Home Guard II (50 GP) --- Garrison 500 army units
No Man's Land II (50 GP) --- Remove 8 obstacles from your islands
Skipper II (25 GP) --- Promote the warship in the command bunker
Strategist III (50 GP) --- Attain 45 stars in the campaign
Tag Collector III (100 GP) --- Acquire 2500 dog tags from the enemy
Terra Firma II (100 GP) --- Expand your base to 4 islands
TrailBlazer II (100 GP) --- Attain 10 consecutive victories against the enemy
Treasurer III (100 GP) --- Upgrade a supply depot to rank 10
Warmonger II (100 GP) --- Attain 100 offensive victories against the enemy

Resources and Medals
- Part 1: Do not await the security to end prior to assaulting. Start assaulting as quickly as you have the Barracks and 18 soldiers trained in order to obtain resources and construct your base much faster.
- Part 2: To obtain access to new soldiers, research study them in the Command Bunker after you have sufficient resources. Research study needs a great deal of time, however can be done at the very same time as an upgrade.
- Part 3: When choosing a challenger, pick those that have a percentage of medals. Possibilities are, they will certainly be easy to beat. When early in the game, concentrate on getting more resources and not medals.

Command Bunker
- Tip 1: Upgrade the Command Bunker as quickly as possible in order to unlock new structures in addition to to enable you to have more resources. Upgrade Factories early to make best use of resource production.
- Tip 2: When very first beginning, do not strengthen your structures. Instead, very first upgrade your structures to optimal ability, research study new soldiers, and clear the land. After your base has actually been developed, start to strengthen the structures, beginning with the Supply Depot and Command Bunker.

Trailblazer Set - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Trailblazer I, II and III: You are matched with an opponent based on the number of dog tags you have and your Command Bunker level. It will be more efficient to earn these achievements towards the start of the game in order to have more opponents to choose from. This also allows you to attack opponents that have recently started and do not have upgraded buildings or promoted units. To start, upgrade your Riflemen to level 3 and use them exclusively. They are cost less and can be obtained quickly. This is important, as your surviving units will left behind on the island after winning a mission.

Select the "Attack" screen and view the "Enemies" tab. Search for players that are slightly lower your level that have a reward equal or greater than the resources needed to muster a full squad of riflemen. This is required to replace your squad immediately, without waiting for your Factory. Use the "Refresh" button if necessary until a suitable opponent is found. You must then earn at least one gold star per victory. A gold star is awarded for destroying 50% of the enemy, destroying an enemy Command Bunker, and destroying 100% of the enemy. After twenty five wins, all of the "Trailblazer" achievements will be earned. Note: It does not matter if someone defeats you on your island, as "Losing Defendings" is another category.

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