Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Battle Islands

Resources and Medals
- Part 1: Do not await the security to end prior to assaulting. Start assaulting as quickly as you have the Barracks and 18 soldiers trained in order to obtain resources and construct your base much faster.
- Part 2: To obtain access to new soldiers, research study them in the Command Bunker after you have sufficient resources. Research study needs a great deal of time, however can be done at the very same time as an upgrade.
- Part 3: When choosing a challenger, pick those that have a percentage of medals. Possibilities are, they will certainly be easy to beat. When early in the game, concentrate on getting more resources and not medals.

Command Bunker
- Tip 1: Upgrade the Command Bunker as quickly as possible in order to unlock new structures in addition to to enable you to have more resources. Upgrade Factories early to make best use of resource production.

- Tip 2: When very first beginning, do not strengthen your structures. Instead, very first upgrade your structures to optimal ability, research study new soldiers, and clear the land. After your base has actually been developed, start to strengthen the structures, beginning with the Supply Depot and Command Bunker.

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